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Country Liberia Capital city Monrovia Population 4,294,000 (2013) Total area 111,369 km2 Formation 26. 7. 1847 Highest point Mount Wuteve (1,440 m) GDP $ 665 (IMF, 2012) Currency liberian dollar (LRD) Code LR (LBR) Calling code +231 Internet TLD .lr Geography Liberia is a few degrees north of the equator on the southern coast of West… read more »


Country Lebanon Capital city Beirut Population 4,822,000 (2013) Total area 10,400 km2 Formation 22. 11. 1943 Highest point Qurnat as Sawda’ (3,088 m) GDP $ 15,587 (IMF, 2012) Currency lebanese pound (LBP) Code LB (LBN) Calling code +961 Internet TLD .lb Geography Lebanon is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with a total… read more »


Country Estonia Capital city Tallinn Population 1,311,870 (2014) Total area 45,100 km2 Formation 20. 8. 1991 Highest point Suur Munamägi (318 m) GDP $ 21,714 (IMF, 2012) Currency euro (EUR) Code EE (EST) Calling code +372 Internet TLD .ee Geography Estonia is located in northeastern Europe and borders both the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of… read more »


Country Germany Capital city Berlin Population 80,619,000 (2013) Total area 357,022 km2 Formation 18. 1. 1871 Highest point Zugspitze (2,962 m) GDP $ 38,666 (IMF, 2012) Currency euro (EUR) Code DE (DEU) Calling code +49 Internet TLD .de Geography On October 3, 1990, the unification of communist East Germany with democratic West Germany increased the new… read more »


Country Singapore Capital city Singapore Population 5,399,200 (2013) Total area 683 km2 Formation 9. 8. 1965 Highest point Bukit Timah (166 m) GDP $ 60,799 (IMF, 2012) Currency singapore dollar (SGD) Code SG (SGP) Calling code +65 Internet TLD .sg Geography Singapore is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia off the southern tip of the… read more »

Sri Lanka

Country Sri Lanka Capital city Colombo Population 20,277,597 (2012) Total area 65,610 km2 Formation / Highest point Pidurutalagala (2,524 m) GDP $ 6,046 (IMF, 2012) Currency sri lankan rupee (LKR) Code LK (LKA) Calling code +94 Internet TLD .lk Geography Sri Lanka, a pear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean, is 804 km (500 mi) north of… read more »


Country Slovakia Capital city Bratislava Population 5,415,949 (2013) Total area 49,033 km2 Formation 1. 1. 1993 Highest point Gerlachovský štít (2,655 m) GDP $ 24,142 (IMF, 2012) Currency euro (EUR) Code SK (SVK) Calling code +421 Internet TLD .sk Geography The Slovak Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe. It has a total area of… read more »


Country Somalia Capital city Mogadishu Population 10,496,000 (2013) Total area 637,657 km2 Formation 1. 7. 1960 Highest point Shimbiris (2,450 m) GDP / Currency somali shilling (SOS) Code SO (SOM) Calling code +252 Internet TLD .so Geography Somalia, on the Horn of Africa in East Africa, has an area of 637,657 sq km (246,199 sq mi),… read more »

Solomon Islands

Country Solomon Islands Capital city Honiara Population 581,344 (2013) Total area 28,896 km2 Formation 7. 7. 1978 Highest point Mount Popomanaseu (2,335 m) GDP $ 3,288 (IMF, 2012) Currency solomon islands dollar (SBD) Code SB (SLB) Calling code +677 Internet TLD .sb Geography The Solomon Islands comprises a double chain of high continental islands formed from… read more »