Why Am I Always Hungry?

Why Am I Always Hungry?

you’re eating healthy and you know you’re eating enough for your body’s physical needs but for some reason you’re always hungry. So how do you deal with that without overeating and gaining weight? It’s something that has a lot of different factors. There are a lot of different things that can affect our hunger and our fullness. For you it might just be one thing, it might be a few of these things in combination.

Are You Really Hungry?

The first thing we need to look at here is are you actually hungry? because we can eat for a lot of reasons other than physical hunger. A big one of those is emotional eating whether you’re bored or happy or sad or angry. There’re a lot of different things that can cause us to eat. Another thing that can make you feel hungry when you’re not actually hungry is thirst. A lot of times we get those confused, it might be the case with you so definitely pay attention to how much water you’re drinking and what’s going on with that. Tend to create really watery foods like melon for example so that can be kind of a little sign there if you’re not sure if it’s thirst or hunger. You know you can just drink some water and see you know if it goes away or if you’re still hungry and as you pay attention to it more it’ll be a lot easier for you to figure out which it is another thing to look at is already.

Distraction During Your Meal

Why Am I Always Hungry?

Actually paying attention to your food when you are eating is important. If we’re eating in a distracted environment either we’re playing on our phone or we’re watching a movie or eating in the car doing something else where we’re not able to totally focus on our food. Then we might not get all those fullness cues that we would if we were really immersed in the experience and paying attention to the flavors, the textures, the smells and all of those things that come along with eating. Because it’s not just the food going in our stomach that lets our brain know that we’re full, it’s also a lot of visual cues and just the whole experience of eating. If you’re eating good food, you want to experience it so try to pay attention when you’re eating your meals.

Nutritional Balance

The next thing you can look at is what is actually making up your meals as far as carbohydrate, fat and protein. This is something that’s pretty individual for every person. We all like a little bit of a different mix of these so it’s something to play around with. You might notice that one meal makes you feel really full, another one kind of lead you into that always feeling hungry or maybe spice your blood sugar too much and feel kind of crummy or you feel like it’s too much and too heavy and you feel sluggish.

Lot of people just simply aren’t eating that many vegetables. Vegetables can really help make you feel full because they have a ton of fiber and water which help fill you up, but they also have a lot of nutrients and some people find that even if they’re getting enough as far as calories goes for what their body needs. If they’re not getting those nutrients, those little pieces of the puzzle, their body can actually make them still feel hungry because it’s trying to get that thing that they’re missing.

Trying to Lose Weight

Why Am I Always Hungry?

People who are weight conscious whether they’re trying to maintain their weight or a lose weight or maybe just eat healthier overall. Sometimes the meals can kind of start to shrink down until they’re really not that substantial and then that can lead to more of the snacking in between meals because you’re not getting enough food to make you feel satisfied. At the actual meal time and for some people this can make them feel a little nervous. So make sure that you’re not skimping on the meals and you’re really giving your body an adequate amount of food at mealtime.


Why Am I Always Hungry?

Sleep can really have a big effect on your overall health but also on your hunger. Sleep does so much to give our body the rest it needs and also to help regulate hormones. There’s all this stuff connected to sleep and it’s very common if you’re not getting enough sleep to actually feel more hungry during the day. So make sure you’re getting your sleep your body really needs.


Why Am I Always Hungry?

We think if we’re exercising that’s to burn extra calories and so we should eat the same amount or we’re trying to lose weight or all this stuff. The thing is is that when you are moving your body more it’s really likely that that could increase your hunger and this goes back to trusting your hunger cues. So if you have had an increase in activity you might just need more food than you did before and that’s totally natural.


Why Am I Always Hungry?

Many medications have the side effect of increasing your appetite or decreasing your appetite. So if you’ve had any changes recently then you might want to look into that and I mean it depends on what the medication is. Definitely talk to your doctor in some cases there might be an alternative or something else you can use if it’s a big issue for you.


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