Why Am I so Tired?

Why Am I so Tired?

Three reasons why you might be getting a little more tired than you’d like to be and we are not gonna talk about sleep. Now a lot of people talk about sleep yes sleep is greatly important to feeling more energetic. If you’re not sleeping well at night you’re gonna  pass off throughout your days.

Diet and Acid Alkaline Balance

So first and foremost one of the things that compromises our ability to feel energized is the acid alkaline balance in our body and specifically the acid alkaline balance in our blood. Now if that’s way over your head let me make it simple for you. If you remember back to high school science class with the pH scale and probably chemistry or whatever. One side was acidic, other side is alkaline seven is neutral right.

So acidic is like stomach acid, car battery acid ,stuff like that which towers hotel. We want seven is neutral and our blood needs to be slightly higher than seven. So what 7.4 roughly that’s important because in order for you to feel more energized your body requires oxygen and assume you’re breathing and getting oxygen coming in to your lungs.

Why Am I so Tired?

That oxygen then jumps into taxicabs called your red blood cells and those red blood cells carrying the oxygen throughout the blood. Now here’s the dilemma because that your blood is too acidic which is what happens in most people’s cases because they’re eating standard American diet which is very acidic. So a lot of animal products, processed foods, lots of sugar, lots of junk. Like that those are all foods that make your blood sluggish. So what do they do, it’s kind of like driving on the highway during rush hour. It’s not actually called driving, it’s called sitting right. So all the red blood cells, all the taxicabs are stuck together and no one’s moving. So if we’re trying to get oxygen to your cells to produce energy that can’t happen very well. But if our blood is alkaline which it should be what ends up happening is it’s kind of like driving at 2:00 in the morning where there’s like no problems, no traffic it’s all good and that’s what happens inside your blood.

Why Am I so Tired?

So in order to establish an alkaline environments inside your body which is also the most important thing to prevent and heal disease you have to be getting more vegetables in. You have to be greening up your diet green equals alkaline okay. So the more greens you get in so for instance from green vegetables, greens powders, green juice, green smoothies. All that stuff that’s all gonna be very essential to helping you do that.

Adrenal Fatigue

You might also be dealing with something called adrenal fatigue. So adrenal fatigue is something that is a very prevalent but undiagnosed and a lot of people because most medical doctors laugh at this concept because they say well there’s no scientific studies for it ,which is complete nonsense because if you go to any naturopathic doctor they will tell you this is a big deal. They will actually do a salivary hormone panel and show you that your hormones are toast as it pertains to the adrenal glands.

Why Am I so Tired?

So the adrenals are to walnut shaped lands they sit on top of your kidneys and they’re their basic job is to help your body deal with stress. When a bear jumps out of the forest and you’re on a hike, you’re like oh my god I need get out of here that’s the fight-or-flight response. That’s an acute stress and your body is wired to fight or run away. That’s great but the problem is that in today’s age that same response is happening every single day throughout the day for most people stress at work, financial stress, emotional stress, relationship stress and whatever. It is all of that is becomes chronic and that wears down the adrenals, when they’re worn down you feel really sluggish when you get out of bed in the morning. You feel really sluggish after any type of emotional upset if you’re any kind of like if you end up yelling or getting into an argument, you feel exhausted.

Afterwards you feel light-headed when you’re going from a laying position to a standing position and your body just doesn’t deal with stress very well. That’s because the adrenals are toast so in that case you need to calm things down and just chill out for a while.

Testing Adrenal Fatigue

A cool little test right now to determine if you have adrenal fatigue or not. What you’re gonna need is

  1. Flashlight
  2. Darkroom.

So you can go to the bathroom (darkroom), it has a mirror you’re going to close the lights so it’s pitch-black and what should happen there is that your eyes will dilate. They’re gonna dilate to allow more light in so you can see right.

Then what you’re gonna do after about 30 seconds you’re gonna turn on your flashlight at a 45 degree angle to your eye. Close look in the mirror and what you’re gonna see is the dilation becomes constriction. Your pupil is gonna constrict. Because now you have a flood of light coming in which is a stress or so the adrenal glands are gonna pop out adrenaline and cortisol and that’s going to constrict the muscles around.

You’re  gonna continue looking at your pupil for the next 30 seconds. What should happen in a healthy case is that the pupil should stay constricted for 20 seconds or more. If it happens very quickly, between 10 to 15 seconds that’s a little bit of a warning sign and if you can last longer than about 20 seconds in a constricted state your adrenals are in good shape.

Thyroid Disorders

Why Am I so Tired?

Finally the third reason you might be tired, is you have low thyroid function. This you might be aware of or maybe not but the thyroid is the master metabolism gland. It basically dictates how you feel and what it’s going to dictate as well is the amount of growth and repair and metabolism that’s taking place in your body. If your body is stressed out and tired, your brain, your hypothalamus, your air traffic control is gonna send a signal to the thyroid. One of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism is fatigue and weakness.


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