Make this the time for vacations, barbecues, and the inescapable warm
weather repairs

Let’s face it: If we could skip home maintenance, we would, especially during the summer. When a
sunny weekend comes around, who wants to be working on the house? No one, but you don’t want to
be regretting it when the weather turns in the fall and certainly not in the winter when it’s far too cold
to touch up the paint or repair a broken glass pane. Pace yourself so you don’t get buried by the jobs
and let the summer pass you by completely.

Paint Exterior

Touch up any areas where the paint is missing, flaking, or bubbling.

Paint entire lengths of siding or whole sections when touching up so the newly painted area doesn’t stick out too much.

If the entire house needs painting, schedule carefully and pace yourself so you’re done in a timely manner without giving up all your
free time or consider calling a painting contractor.

Get your painting done by early September, even if you expect a mild autumn.

Start with the outside. This is the time to do any siding and roof repairs while it’s dry and you’re
not fighting wet weather conditions. You might find out after removing trashed siding that the damage
is more extensive than you thought and requires removing the sub-siding as well.

Window and Siding Repairs

Damaged or rotten siding can be covering a larger problem underneath—start these repairs early in the season.

Prime both sides of any replacement siding and prepaint the first coat before installation.

Window repair can mean removing a sash for more than a day—be prepared to secure the opening with plywood.

Be sure to paint any new glazing compound; otherwise, it will dry up and eventually fall out.

Summer is the obvious time for painting, but it also has its limitations. Too much heat or high
humidity affects both interior and exterior paints. Painting in hot sunlight can cause the paint surface
to dry too fast and form a skin before the rest of the coating is completely dry, resulting in pinholes,
blisters, and excessive brush marks in the finish. As with any project, set up a timeline for getting the
work done.

Deck, Roof, and Gutter Repairs

If you’re up on the roof replacing damaged shingles, inspect the surrounding area and replace any questionable shingles as well.

The less walking around you do on an old roof, the better since just being up there can damage shingles.

After gutter repair and cleaning, run a hose to check your work and look for additional leaks.

Recoat your deck for extra protection, even if there isn’t a pressing need for it.


In hot weather, paint won’t flow and level properly straight out of the can, but it can be diluted,
as much as 10 percent, if necessary for easier application. It’s tempting to paint late into the
evening, but overnight dew might affect the paint gloss. Stop your painting about two hours
before sunset to be safe.


Replace or clean your air conditioning filters at the start of the season and then every one or two months thereafter—more often if
the summer is dry and dusty.

Clean or replace furnace filters as well.

Routinely check on and get your air conditioning system serviced.

Summer is the best time for furnace servicing—if a part has to be ordered, you won’t go without heat since the furnace isn’t in use.


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