Empty and check your cleaner regularly to maximize its cleaning

The first practical home vacuum cleaner was manufactured in the early 1900s by the Electric Suction
Sweeper Company, which eventually became the Hoover Company. Vacuum cleaners took the
drudgery out of carpet and rug cleaning. The invention of the disposable dust bag made life easier for
those with allergies and made disposal faster.

Emptying the Bag

Full bags cause the vacuum cleaner to work harder and vacuum less—empty the bag when the volume is up to the indicator line.

It’s a bit messy, but you can pull the contents out of a bag and reuse it if you’re out of replacements.

Increasingly, home-style vacuum cleaners are being replaced with bagless canister models.

Bags come rated for standard filtration and high filtration for those with allergies.

Modern vacuum cleaners are light-years beyond earlier models. They’re quieter, have stronger
suction and larger dust and dirt storage, and come with attachments for cleaning furniture, window
coverings, and stairs. After years of depending on bags for dirt disposal, the bagless design has
gained a lot of traction, although emptying the canister exposes the user to dust and debris.


Belts need regular replacement, once a year or so with regular use—no tools required.

Keep extra belts on hand in case of unexpected breakage.

Avoid vacuuming up screws, pennies, and other small objects that can damage the fan or the motor.

Cords can go bad from being repeatedly bent as they’re wound up—replacing a cord can salvage a dead vacuum cleaner.

Many a vacuum cleaner gets tossed out because it’s clogged up with dust or the cord gets pinched
and goes bad. If your cleaner is picking up less and straining more, It’s time for some maintenance.
Observe your cleaner’s performance carefully to check for any Inconsistencies. These Inconsistencies
will tip you off to any repairs needed. Regular cleanings will keep a vacuum cleaner working to full
capacity without undue strain on the motor.


A vacuum cleaner’s brushes get tangled up with strings, rubber bands, and so on—cut these away to keep the brush roller moving

Whenever a vacuum cleaner suddenly stops operating, check the fuse or circuit breaker first.

Although upright vacuums are more popular, the advantage of a canister model is a larger motor can be available for vacuuming.

Replace or clean any built-in filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Do your research before buying a bagless vacuum cleaner. One imported brand with extensive
marketing, which has promoted the bagless design, is more expensive than well-rated domestic
models. The difference can be a couple of hundred dollars—enough to buy a spare vacuum
cleaner for cleaning up after repair jobs instead of using your good vacuum.

Electric Blower

Electric blowers are highly versatile tools that extend the life of other tools and appliances as well as perform standard clean-up

Use a blower to clean sawdust from drills, sanders, and saws.

The best way to clean out vacuum cleaner hoses, brushes, and canisters is using a blower.

When gutters are dry, blow the leaves and twigs out instead of scooping.


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