Facts and interesting information about military units around the world.

Zumwalt, Elmo Russell (1920–

admiral ) navy Zumwalt became the 19th CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS in 1970, the youngest full admiral and CNO in USN history.His four-year term as CNO was controversial, as he worked aggressively to liberalize the USN,especially with regard to equal opportunity for minority and women sailors and officers. Zumwalt was born in San Francisco and… read more »

United States Navy Band

The United States Navy Band consists of 163 enlisted musicians and three officers in seven major performing units.The Concert Band is the major USN musical unit in Washington,D.C., and has toured worldwide.The Ceremonial Band performs at official military ceremonies and special events and is staffed, depending on performance requirements, by 15 to 99 musicians. The… read more »

USS Nautilus (SSN-571)

USS Nautilus was the navy’s—and the world’s— first nuclear-powered submarine,driven by an onboard,pressurized-water nuclear reactor plant.Her keel was laid on June 14, 1952, at Electric Boat Division in Groton, Connecticut, by President Harry S.Truman; she was launched on January 21, 1954, and commissioned on September 30, 1954. Nautilus was largely the brainchild of Captain (later… read more »

Washington Navy Yard

The Washington Navy Yard serves as the headquarters for the NAVALDISTRICTWASHINGTON,which is nicknamed the “Quarterdeck of the Navy.”Additionally, the Washington Navy Yard serves as the ceremonial gateway to the nation’s capital for many diplomats and other officials. The Washington Navy Yard was authorized in 1799 by the first secretary of the navy, BENJAMIN STODDART, and… read more »

Officer Ranks (in descending order)

Fleet Admiral (O-10) The highest rank in the USN, fleet admiral is rarely bestowed, and only in wartime. The army and USAF have equivalent ranks, general of the army and general of the air force.The insignia is a cluster of five stars. Five stripes, one wide closest to the cuff and four narrow above it,… read more »

Ready Reserve Force

The RRF,which provides immediate sealift support for the rapid deployment of U.S.military forces, was created on February 14,1977,and is a group of ships within the NATIONALDEFENSE RESERVE FLEET (NDRF) including militarily useful cargo ships, barge carriers, auxiliary crane ships (ACSs), tankers, and troop ships capable of handling bulky, oversized military equipment. The vessels are all… read more »

Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV)

The navy’s two DSRVs,Mystic (DSRV-1) and Avalon (DSRV-2), perform rescue operations on submerged,disabled submarines.The craft are designed for quick worldwide deployment and may be transported by truck,aircraft,ship,or by specially configured attack submarine.Once at the accident site, the DSRV works with either a surface mother ship or a mother submarine, diving, conducting a sonar search, and… read more »

Dolphin (AGSS-555) Oceanographic Surveillance Ships (T-AGOS)

Dolphin, homeported at the Naval Research and Development facility in San Diego, has the distinction of being the modern navy’s only operational diesel-electric deep-diving research and development submarine. It is capable of carrying The mission ofocean surveillance ships is to gather underwater acoustical data in support of antisubmarine warfare. The vessels are designed to tow… read more »

rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB)

The RHIB performs short-range insertion and extraction of special operations forces (SOF) as well as SOF coastal resupply and coastal surveillance missions.The boats have a range of 200 nautical miles at 32 knots,with a top speed of45 knots. Capacity is eight passengers or 3,200 pounds.The RHIB may be transported via C-130 Hercules aircraft.The first boats… read more »