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ZULIA (Venezuela)

State in NW Venezuela, and one of the richest oilproducing regions in the world, between the Sierra de Perija of the Andes Mts to the W, the Gulf of Venezuela on the N, and Lake Maracaibo to the E. The entire economy of Venezuela was changed with the development of the oil wells after World… read more »

ZULA (Eritrea)

Port town, on the Gulf of Zula. The ruins of ancient Adulis, a major Axumite port, are nearby. Zula became an Italian protectorate in 1888 and part of Eritrea in 1890. See also Axum, Italy.

ZUIDER ZEE [Zuyder Zee] [ancient: Flevo Lacus] (Netherlands)

A former large, landlocked inlet off the North Sea, on the N coast of the Netherlands. The sea washed into it only during floods. Once again it is landlocked by a dike, partly drained, and is divided into the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee. As early as the 16th century plans were made to enclose the… read more »

ZUG [French: Zoug] (Switzerland)

City on the Lake of Zug, 15 mi S of Zurich. First mentioned in 1242 as a possession of the counts of Kyburg and purchased by the Hapsburg family in 1273, the city still retains a strong medieval flavor. Zug first joined the Swiss Confederation in 1353 and again in 1364, reverting to Hapsburg control… read more »

ZOMBA (Malawi)

Town in the Shire Highlands, approximately 70 mi S of Lake Malawi. It was the capital of Malawi until 1966, when it was replaced by Lilongwe on Malawi’s becoming a republic. It was founded by European planters c. 1880.


Biblical town probably now submerged in the S end of the Dead Sea. According to the Bible, it was the only one of the Cities of the Plain to escape destruction. Here Lot and his daughters took refuge. See also Gommorah, Sodom.

ZOAR (United States)

Village in Ohio, on the Tuscarawas River, N of Dover. It was founded in 1817 by Protestant Separatists from southern Germany on land obtained with assistance from the Philadelphia Quakers. A communistic economic system and a strict moral and religious life was established. The society declined after 1853 when its founder, Joseph Michael Bimeler, died…. read more »

ZNOJMO [German: Znaim] (Czech Republic)

City on the Dyje River, 35 mi SW of Brno. Founded in the 11th century, it was a stronghold of the Preˇmyslide princes until the 13th century, and was chartered in 1226. Designated an historic monument, it has a 13th-century Romanesque castle chapel with fine frescoes, a 14th-century Gothic church, and a 15th-century town hall… read more »

ZNAMENSK [Wehlau] (Russia)

Town on the S bank of the Pregolya River at the mouth of the Lava River. By a treaty concluded here in 1657 with Brandenburg, Poland gave up the duchy of Prussia. After World War II, the city had been part of the Kalingrad oblast of the USSR.