ZUG [French: Zoug] (Switzerland)

City on the Lake of Zug, 15 mi S of Zurich. First mentioned in 1242 as a possession of the counts of Kyburg and purchased by the Hapsburg family in 1273, the city still retains a strong medieval flavor. Zug first joined the Swiss Confederation in 1353 and again in 1364, reverting to Hapsburg control in between. It finally threw off Hapsburg domination in 1386 after joining the League of Swabian cities. During the Reformation Zug remained Catholic and joined the Golden, or Boromean, League in 1586. Notable buildings here include the late Gothic church of St. Oswald built between 1478 and 1545, the clock tower of 1480, and the town hall of 1505. See also Sempach.

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