ZVORNIK [Turkish: Izvornik] (Bosnia)

Town on the Drina River, 23 mi ESE of Tuzla. It was the seat of the Greek Orthodox metropolitan under Turkish rule. The town has an 11-span stone bridge of the 16th century and the ruins of a medieval fortress.

ZWEIBRÜCKEN [French: Deuxponts; medieval: Bipontium] (Germany) City and duchy, 5 mi WSW of Mannheim in Rhineland-Palatinate. Chartered in 1352, it passed to the Bavarian house of Wittelsbach in 1385 and became capital of the independent duchy of PfalzZweibrücken in 1410. Its early editions of Greek and Roman classics are well known to scholars. It became part of Bavaria when the elector and first king of

Bavaria united all the Wittelsbach holdings. France controlled it from 1797 to 1814–15. Notable buildings include a Gothic church of 1493 and a castle of 1720 to 1725. See also Rhineland Palatinate.


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